The Honey


The organic honey, Nero d’Ape, produced by the Sicilian Black Bee, is considered a sublime natural product, a food with high nutritional properties and beneficial effects on the organism. It is a fine example of Sicilian Heritage and is a fundamental part of Presidia Slow Food, an institution which sustains quality produce at risk of extinction, protects unique regions and ecosystems, recovers traditional processing methods and safeguards native breeds, as well as local plant varieties.

There are about 300 beehives presently in eastern Sicily, where Sicilian bees annually produce an average of between 9000 and 13000 kg of honey.

This golden nectar, 100% made in Sicily, is considered more precious and nutritious than the New Zealand Manuka honey, famous worldwide for its properties. Sweet and velvety, it is also a real concentrate of beneficial properties: polyphenols and antioxidants (three to ten times more than the standard), but also containing antibacterial and antifungal substances not present in other types of honey. It is highly nutritional and has high antioxidant capabilities, 30% more than other similar products. It has anti-proliferative effects on tumour cells and is effective in reducing lipid and protein radicals.

Nero d’Ape is flavoured with raw materials and non-essences and its production has different combinations, for example, cardamom and vanilla, orange peel and vanilla, star anise and cinnamon, rosebuds, ginger and cloves, lavender and vanilla.

The Honey